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105/693 f Bhannana Purwa Chamanganj,Kanpur-01

Dream, Do and Climb on top

-Our creativity tells our success story!!!!!

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About us

Interactive Since inception, we have followed the way of creativity. Dull land pieces have gained shine through our concerned efforts. Before handing over the site to customers, we ensure sufficient creativity for a fruitful impact.
Creative Our business is not within the boundary walls of office complex. We believe in social optimization of our business for gaining huge web traffic. Wider the advertisement is wider the development.
Spread to all We are the company that deals in Real Estate with different approach. We provide frequent follow-Up before and after the deal conducted too. We know the real interaction puts deeper impact than official notifications. After all we have to do business with you for long time.

Why you rely on us?

Innovations We incepted with the born strength of creativity and eco-friendly approaches in our real estate development.
Unique Development Ifra uses its all feathers to suit the user’s needs. For us real estate is not only a profession but a passion.
Simplicity We provide highly developed property that binds you through its all round amazing looks and amenities.
All works Irrespective of before and after we made a business with you, our helping hands for support are available at 24x7x365 level.


Ifra has changed the way of life not only of mine but of countless people by giving shelter. This company has really justified with everyone’s wallet.

John Doe - Company inc.

In Ifra, you don’t need to undergo with any specialization. Routine culture of the company is learning oriented. You get higher mental and professional level every day!!!.

Anna Ferguson - Company inc.

My experience to make business with Ifra was really amazing. I purchased what I needed but always worried about cost effect. Ifra made the things simplest for me. No doubt, I will see a next purchase.

Jane Foster - Company inc.

My impression about Ifra is quite amazing. Before meeting this company, I never thought that real estate business can be so simple like this.

Raine Doe - Company inc.

From Ifra, my faith in Real Estate companies has established but still I would like to go with them only and purchase the property from Ifra. The best company with best deals!!!

Alvera Foster - Company inc.

Service level of Ifra is incredible. This company made the real estate dealings quite simpler for common people. Anfractuous proceedings, confusing atmosphere and middle man concept has totally be eradicated. Thanks Ifra!!!!

Morena Doe - Company inc.